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Hey guys, sorry for lack of comics. School’s kept me busy!! But there’s something very important I need to bring up….

Diversity—in both race and body type—is very important to me. There’s this really cool murder/mystery/comedy webseries, MisSpelled, that features a WOC cast with a range of body types. Not only that, it’s a really interesting plot (basically, the misadventures of five community college students who recently acquired strange powers). So far, they have four episodes out (which you can watch here [x]), but they need funding to create more.

They need 75k. Right now they have 4k. This is their breakdown of funds:

- 40% Lighting Equipment, Locations, Craft Services, Production Design, Wardrobe, Special Effects Makeup, Stunts, Hard Drives, and Marketing
- 25% Post Production Services (Editing, Coloring, Sound Design/Mixing, VFX, Composing, Music Licenses)
- 16.5% Payment for Production Staff/All Crew
- 11% Payment for Cast and Extras
- 7.5% Kickstarter Fufillment and Kickstarter Fees

Please give this webseries a chance!
Kickstarter: [x]

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silly comic since tomorrow is the first day of school!
senior year, here I come!

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that design on the right is something I designed for an actual shirt 
/laughs and dies

that design on the right is something I designed for an actual shirt

/laughs and dies

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maybe if I had a bigger chest my p.e. teacher wouldn’t make me go as low….alternatively… [x]

maybe if I had a bigger chest my p.e. teacher wouldn’t make me go as low….
alternatively… [x]

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I tried making her look muscular don’t judge mealternatively….[x]

I tried making her look muscular don’t judge me

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freakazette42 reblogged your post turkeyfisher said:Just wanted to … and added:

I think it’s important for guys to know that I love my body regardless of what they think

bigger thumbs up

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ton-tongue-toffee said: I tried the measurement thing and im a "34C" what even! I buy 34A! and that is only because 36A cup was too big and AA are impossible to find! I buy bras on the kid section!!!! I think its faulty. Have you tried buying bras on the recommended size yet? what are your thoughts?

apparently I am a 28C or something so I tried buying from the little bra company…and being a dumb teenager I had to ask my dad to buy them with his credit card and he ended up buying like $400 worth of bras with that size and they were too tight so I returned them all and this was all like in March and I haven’t tried buying a different size so I still need to do that…


has anyone here bought bras in their “accurate size” according to this post [x]?

turkeyfisher said: Just wanted to say that some guys don't like big boobs, not that I judge people by their figures either way, but some find flat chests more aesthetically pleasing. I think it's really important that girls know that the size of their breasts is not some sort of scale for beauty.

I liked that last part enough to post this on the blog.
big thumbs up

time to read through all the messages I’ve been neglecting

*edit: omg I have 152 messages whoops

*edit 2: I guess it’s good there are no askbox timestamps so I feel less embarrassed about responding to these messages so late

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